At IHDS we are committed to helping Indian consumers pick the best products online with the help of evidence-based reviews. I started out this website in May 2019 when I noticed that there is a gap in the Indian market that will help consumers find the best products in the market. With the internet filled with misleading sites and conflicting reviews, consumers may find it difficult to locate the right item for their needs.

With this site, I could help these consumers with their choices with the help of the information I have found about each product. The information included in the buyer’s guide is unbiased and supported by credible reviews from consumers who own these products. No matter what kind of product Indians are looking for  – from household supplies to appliances – we have it on review here on the site.

If you want me to do a review for a certain category that is not in this website, feel free to drop me an email. I will definitely look at it and help you along with your search for the best product to buy for your needs.

Hope you find my site informative and happy shopping!