Having a good night’s sleep is correlated to increased productivity at work and, generally, to your overall wellbeing and good health. It’s just so much better when you head off to work not sleep-deprived and attend meetings without having to yawn every now and then. Most often than not, the quality of sleep you get depends largely on the mattress you use. So, if you are eager to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, you should consider getting yourself the right mattress which you can comfortably sleep onto.

There are numerous studies suggesting that the quality of the mattress you use for sleep greatly affects your health. The right mattress can elevate one’s quality of life – improving your performance, memory, and productivity altogether. However, most people disregard this fact and do not give much attention to the quality and comfort that their mattress provides. It would be beneficial for you to know that the wrong mattress affects your spine and posture, which could lead to serious physical and mental ailments.

With that said, we highly encourage you to be more selective in choosing the mattress to put in your bedroom. Remember that spending a few more bucks for the right mattress is tantamount to having that much-needed sleep and comfort when you finally call it a day. One good mattress brand that you could consider is Wake Fit.


The Wake Fit Brand

When it comes to buying the right mattress, it is vital that you purchase only from a reputable brand that has developed a loyal following. Having a loyal following implies that the quality of the products of that brand is top-notch and worthy of a recommendation. Wake Fit is one such brand. In this wake fit mattress review, we will try to show you why it is important to consider brands, such as Wake Fit, who has developed a loyal customer following through the years.

A reputable brand, for one, has an excellent track record of producing quality products. This is evidenced, of course, by the unwavering patronage they receive from the thousands of buyers and repeat customers they have. Wake Fit is a brand that has proven itself as a quality mattress maker. They have consistently done so throughout their entire 3-year history, making them one of the ‘giants’ in the industry today.

Wake Fit has more than 75,000 satisfied customers to date and had sold more than 125,000 products. This is a strong testament to the trust given by customers to the brand. To stay on top of the game, they ensure that what they release are only the best of the best in terms of quality. Their strategy employs recent technology trends in mattress making, a practice which most mediocre brands don’t even care to do.

Wake Fit has a dedicated research team who are experts in the science of sleep. The team continuously look for ways on how to improve Wake Fit’s products and design them to tailor to the different needs of each customer. Most mattresses available in the market today don’t undergo such rigorous design considerations. This is what sets part Wake Fit from others.

Mattresses made by Wake Fit come with unique features such as pressure relief and tailored firmness. The human body’s natural form resembles an S shape when viewed from the side. A normal mattress will make your spine sag, making you lose that ideal “S” posture when you lie flat. What Wake Fit mattress does is that it helps support the spine so that the “S” form is maintained. This, in turn, helps to promote healthy blood circulation and lead to a good night’s sleep.

The surface of a Wake Fit mattress is so soft and comfortable to relax on. Their best-selling memory foam is made out of high-density material carefully designed to induce an optimum relaxation experience. This high level of comfort is the result of hours upon hours of research in order to come up with the perfect sleeping mattress.

Two of the most highly sought after products of Wake Fit are the Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress and the Dual Comfort mattress. In the following discussion, we will give you an idea as to what each of these products can provide to help you determine which one would be right for you.


Wake Fit Mattress Reviews 2019


1. Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wake Fit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

The Orthopedic Memory Foam is the premium mattress product of Wake Fit. The memory foam of this mattress is what separates it from the rest of the ordinary mattresses traditionally used by many. The design of the foam allows the surface of the mattress to mold to your body’s shape as you sleep on it – filling up curves, crevices, and hollow spaces created by the body. This allows for a comfortable, snug, and secured feeling as you sleep on it. What’s even amazing about this mattress is that it comes at a very affordable price.

The memory foam technology used on this mattress is proven to ease and relief body pains. What most people don’t realize is that the wrong mattress exacerbates body pains, specifically on the back area. The Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress is specially designed to prevent pains from worsening. If you have spinal problems, such as scoliosis, this mattress releases the tension and pressure that is created using an ordinary mattress.

This mattress also improves posture. A bad posture is the number one source of most body pains and it does not look aesthetically pleasing to others if you have an awkward posture. Lying on the Orthopedic Memory Foam helps in correcting your posture. When you lay on a mattress, you create pressure on your body that is mostly experienced by your lower back. What this foam does is it distributes the pressure to the whole of the body such that your lower back will not feel most of the stress, effectively correcting the posture imbalance throughout the back.

Another unique feature of the memory foam is that it can detect temperature differences within with body. Parts of the body that experience pain tends to have a higher temperature compared to other normal body parts. Once this temperature difference is detected, the memory foam adjusts accordingly to provide support to the aching part, thereby enhancing the comfort and overall sleeping experience.

Also, if there are more than one people occupying the mattress (for example a couple) the memory foam allows for an undisturbed sleeping experience even if the other person moves when sleeping. The problem with normal foam is that it moves along with the movement of the person sleeping on it. This Wake Fit mattress solves that problem as it concentrates the disturbance only to a small portion of the mattress’s surface.

The dimension of the Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is 72x72x6 in and weighs approximately 12 kgs. The size is large enough to fit two persons. What’s surprising, however, is that this mattress can be purchased at an unbelievably affordable price. With a lot of beneficial features packed in this mattress, the price is definitely worth your bucks.

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2. Wake Fit Dual Comfort Mattress


Wake Fit Dual Comfort Mattress has two useable sides, with each providing different level of comfort. One side has a medium soft foam, while the other has medium firm foam. Each side is assured to give you the best comfort and helps you have that great sleeping experience.

The Wake Fit Dual Comfort mattress is the result of the rigorous research done by the R&D team. The team found out that varying weather conditions and seasons somehow affects sleeping pattern and needs. During the summer or on hot weathers, most people prefer to sleep on a softer mattress. On the other hand, during cold days or the winter season, people prefer a firmer mattress.

Getting your hands onto the Dual Comfort mattress eliminates the need to purchase two different mattresses. With this one mattress, you can interchangeably use either of the sides depending on which one you prefer at a certain point in time.

The material used in this mattress is a high-density durable foam, which adequately supports. At the same time, it does not sacrifice comfort as the design of the mattress enables it to push you up lesser when you lie down.

The Wake Fit Dual Comfort Foam Mattress’s dimension is 78x60x5 inches. It weighs about 14.6 kg but it can be easily moved around and flip over when needed.

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Wake Fit Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector

Wake Fit Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector

While you are deciding which Wake Fit mattress is the best one for you, you might also want to consider buying a mattress protector. And Wake Fit has just the product for that – the Wake Fit Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector.

This mattress protector is carefully designed to protect your Wake Fit mattress from all sorts of damage. As with any other things, as you use the mattress, it will have wear and tear through the years. Protecting the mattress with an extra layer of protection ensures that it will last longer.

Additionally, this mattress protector is so designed to give maximum comfort as its surface gives off a cool and smooth feel to the touch. The fabric itself is made out of cotton lycra casing with an elastic strap.

The protector’s water-proof feature ensures that the mattress will not get soaked form any accidental water spill. Also, it prevents moistures from seeping into the foam. And moisture is the number one cause of degradation for mattresses. Moreover, the protector’s fabric is breathable, which allows for enough air circulation. The promotion of air circulation leads to that cool feeling to the skin. Overall, this Wake Fit protector effectively safeguards your Wake Fit mattress longevity.

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Our Review Process for the Wake Fit Mattress

Our review process for the Wake Fit Mattresses is a result of our extensive research and survey. We have gathered the opinion and personal expereinces of hundreds of users to provide us with a credible opinion about Wake Fit’s product.

Based on our research, we have found out the customers generally considers four factors when buying a mattress: durability, support, temperature, and comfort.

Durability of the mattress is, of course, important as it dictates how long the product will last. Wake Fit’s higher density foams usually are the ones preferred by customers in terms of durability.

The support feature of the mattress is equally as important because, at the end of the day, when you finally lie down to get some sleep, you want to relieve your spine of the pressure it has experienced during the entire day. Better support is achieved by having a firm base foam, which is present in all Wake Fit mattresses.

A nice well-regulated mattress temperature, on the other hand, ensures that the surface of the mattress is cool enough to actually induce a better sleeping experience. As for Wake Fit, their foam is designed to have a bigger cell size to encourage better air circulation.

Finally, the most important factor to be considered when buying a mattress is, of course, the level of comfort it provides. Wake Fit mattresses do not exert much pressure in pushing your body up when you lie on them. The less intense the mattress pushes you, the more comfortable the sleeping experience could get.

Wake Fit as a mattress brand, has considered all these factors to come up with the products they have now. It is no wonder, therefore, that they are one of the most preferred mattress brands in the market today.


Wake Fit Available on Amazon

Wake Fit mattresses are available for purchase on Amazon. In fact, the brand has a wide customer base on the online selling platform that is steadily growing.

This should come as no surprise because Wake Fit has established itself as a trustworthy and reputable brand. Its mattress (the Orthopedic Memory Foam and the Dual Comfort Mattress) and mattress protector are some of the best in the industry today.

With the help of their dedicated R&D team, their mattresses are so designed to be the most durable and comfortable you could buy. What’s more is that Wake Fit mattresses are not that expensive compared to other luxury mattress brands. Their quality products combined with affordable prices make it accessible for everyone, especially those on a budget, to avail their amazing mattresses.


Final Thoughts on Wake Fit Mattresses

There you have it, an in-depth review of the different Wake Fit mattresses available today. With this review, we have shown you the reasons why Wake Fit has been growing in popularity as a premium mattress brand over the last three years.

We have reviewed two of their best products – the Orthopedic Memory Foam and the Dual Comfort Mattress – and listed down the beneficial features of each. Also, we have shown what factors to look out for when purchasing a mattress for yourself. All these factors are well considered by Wake Fit when they designed their products, so rest assured that their mattress will give optimum comfort and relaxation experience.

The final decision is up to you, really, but with these facts presented we hope that you are adequately informed of the benefits of selecting Wake Fit mattresses.

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