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Best Ceiling Fans in India 2020 – Reviews by IHDS

India is known for its very humid weather and it is very important that households have a lot of ceiling fans to fight it. It allows air to circulate around the room and cool it down. By comparison to air conditioning units, ceiling fans are much cheaper and works well in both hot and cold weather. They are also very compact as compared to air conditioning units.

However, people often find it difficult to pick the right ceiling fan for their home. Ideally, the best ceiling fans must help you save electricity, cover a lot of room and have other functions aside from circulating air. Sometimes, people do not know what features they need to look for in a ceiling fan and how big should it be. As a result, the ceiling fans they end up buying are not fitting for their home. To help you out, we have searched for the Indian market to find the best ceiling fans in India and made this buyer’s guide.

Before we list down the top ceiling fans in India, let’s learn more about ceiling fans and what you should know before buying one.


What are the types of ceiling fans available in the market?

India has a very diverse climate with winter and summer causing concerns for many households. When sorting out one’s home, it is important to get appliances that will help normalize temperature. Ceiling fans come in handy in these cases because they come with features that can help in any weather.


Here are the two types of ceiling fans you can buy in the market:

Summer Ceiling Fans

These ceiling fans often rotate in a counterclockwise direction, allowing it to suck air upward and displace the warm air. As a result, the temperatures drop and cool down the room.


Winter Ceiling Fans

These ceiling fans can increase the room’s temperature by rotating in a clockwise direction. This then allows warm air to go down and disperse around the room. It is ideal to get winter ceiling fans with energy efficiency features because they are often left on.


What are the Parts of a Ceiling Fan?

A ceiling fan usually has three major parts: a drop rod, lights and blades. The best ceiling fans in India are often energy-efficient and look very stylish thanks to its lights. It also comes with a remote control for the lights and fan speed.


Drop Rod: The drop rod allows users to turn on and off the ceiling fan. You are looking at one of the best ceiling fans in India if the drop rod is neither too close to the ceiling or too high from the floor. There must be a good distance from the ceiling so the drop rod will not affect the fan’s operations.

It is recommended that ceiling fans are no higher than seven feet from the floor to ensure proper rotation. The blades of the fan must be at least 2-3 feet from the ceiling and one feet away from the side walls.

The height of the ceiling will determine how long the drop rod will be. If you have a 13 feet high ceiling, the drop rod must be around 48 inches. If you have a 12 feet high ceiling, the drop rod must be 36-inches long.


Blades: The number of blades can also be a way to help you pick the best ceiling fans for your home. While the number of blades do not affect its performance, it does influence how large the area it covers. A standard ceiling fan can come with 2 to 5 blades.

It is important that the number of blades of your ceiling fan matches the size of your room. This will ensure that air is circulating properly in the room and match the room’s ambiance.


Lights: Nowadays, it is preferred to get ceiling fans with lights found in the center of the fan. These lights add to the beauty of the room by lighting it up. However, it does use a lot of electricity than standard ceiling fans.


What are the benefits of a ceiling fan?

If you are looking at the available fans in the market, there are a lot of benefits in buying a ceiling fan. Here are the top three reasons why you should get one.



If you want your rooms to stand out, you need to have pieces that will complement the style you want to convey. Ceiling fans can add a lot of flare in your home and help make it beautiful. The best ceiling fans can give your room a fresh touch and fit everything together.


Energy Efficient

Getting a good ceiling fan will help you reduce your electric costs thanks to its low power motor. Even ceiling fans with lights included can be energy efficient depending on your use.



Ceiling fans tend to be the most ignored electrical appliance in many homes. However, it adds a lot of class in any room it is in and can even be the centerpiece of the room.


What to look for when looking for the best ceiling fan?

Now that you know why ceiling fans are an important part of any Indian household, you now need to know which features to look for. Ceiling fans come in various sizes and features but not all of them will fit your home. There are ceiling fans that work well during summer, and there are those which work in winter.


Here are some of the things you need to look for when choosing from the best ceiling fans in India.

Power/Energy Consumption

One of the many reasons why ceiling fans are better than other cooling appliances is the fact it is energy efficient. The best ceiling fans in the market will help you save a lot in your electric bill and have an energy star rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

If the BEE gives it a lot of stars, it has a very low energy consumption. If you bought a ceiling fan with lights, it will consume a lot of electricity. You may need to check if you can use LED light bulbs to save electricity when you use the fan’s lights.



Airflow is the amount of air that can be displaced by a ceiling fan per unit time or Cubic feet per minute. This is also a good way to determine how well a ceiling fan will perform and how it can cool down a room. The best ceiling fans in India have an airflow measurement above 6000 CFM. If you are looking for a good ceiling fan, it has an airflow of around 4000 to 5000 CFM.


Room Size and Number of Blades

The number of blades in a ceiling fan is also important when checking out a ceiling fan for your home. The number of blades can help cover a room better. Checking the number of blades will also help style your room, especially when it is on. Of course, you need to know how big the room is before you check which ceiling fans work in your case.



The best ceiling fans in India often have low power motors to help reduce electricity costs. However, these fans can still deliver a good performance despite its motor. Some of the best ceiling fans in India can run from 30 watts to 60 watts depending on their size.

The Indian market has an extensive selection of fans from both local and foreign fan manufacturers. The fans they sell come with a variety of features and because of this, picking one can be very tricky. There is also the fact there are brands out there promising that their ceiling fans are the best in the market.

But, fear not because we found the best 10 ceiling fans available in India in 2019. We selected these fans based on their price, energy efficiency and power consumption. We also listed down the setbacks you may encounter with these fans in case you are looking for a specific one for your home.


Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2019

1. Gorilla Energy Saving Ceiling Fans

Gorilla Energy Fan

If you are looking for the best ceiling fans under 4000, you can never go wrong with the Gorilla Energy Saving Ceiling Fan. It only uses 28 watts of electricity, making it a very cheap ceiling fan to run. Despite the amount of power it uses, it is very powerful and has a 230 CMM airflow. It is also very beautiful thanks to its white color, allowing it to fit in any interior.

When you buy this fan, you will get a free service and maintenance to ensure that your fan runs smoothly for three years. You even get a remote to control the fan without using the drop rod.



– It has one of the highest airflow values per unit of electricity consumed in our best ceiling fans list, giving a great performance.

– It is very silent and does not heat up even if you use it for a long time.

– It is made from aluminium alloy body guaranteeing durability for a long time.

– It has a high-efficiency brushless DC motor that supports its performance.

– It comes with a smart control remote to help you control the fan and even put it to sleep.



– The remote is quite flimsy and prone to damage because of its plastic body.


2. Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 Ceiling Fan

Orient Aeroquiet Fan

The best ceiling fans in the market must have a powerful but low energy motor, maximum airflow movement, easy to operate and beautiful. The Orient Aeroquiet 1200 fan ticks all these boxes once you get it installed. It uses a special compounded ABS material to ensure that the fan’s skeleton does not rust easily. It will also not break thanks to this material.

When you open this fan, it is very smooth and stable thanks to its 18-pole motor. Users will also get a 2-year warranty with this fan, as well as a free service to maintain it.



– The material used for this ceiling fan ensures that it does not rust easily.

– It uses a 18-pole motor to ensure it runs smoothly and well, delivering 230CMM of airflow.

– It is very beautiful to look at and can complement any interior.



– It is around Rs. 4000, which can be quite pricey for many to buy.

– It is a bit expensive to use since it uses 62-watts to run.


3. Usha Technix Star Ceiling Fan

Usha Technix Star Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for the best ceiling fans under 2000, this Usha Technix Star is definitely in the list. Usha is well-known in India for their high-quality fans and this one is not an exemption. It can deliver an airflow of 220 CMM to cover an entire room. When you run it, it is very soothing because it is very silent. The motor can also run at a speed more than 350 rotations per minute, making it one of the best ceiling fans that are cheap but very durable to run.

Users will also get a 2-year warranty for their ceiling fans, which will ensure you can get this fixed for free. It also guarantees durability when you purchase it.



– It has a good airflow movement capacity thanks to its high blade lift angle. The angle ensures that every part of the house feels the air it circulates.

– It runs with a 43-watt motor which gave it 5-star from the energy board.

– It has a long 2-year warranty.

– Many customers say this model is very durable and works for a long time.



– It does not have a remote control that will allow you to control the fan and its other features.

– It can produce a lot of noise when it is used excessively or if there is something wrong with the machine.


4. Orient Energy Star 47-inch Energy Saver Ceiling Fan

Orient Energy Star 47 Fan

If you want the best ceiling fans for your home that will be the talk of your family, Orient Energy Star will definitely be one to shock you. This ceiling fan comes with a great design and it is admittedly one of the best looking ceiling fans we have in this list. It is made from aluminum and powder, guaranteeing durability and perfect performance each time it is turned on. Its blades can deliver great airflow up to 210 CMM. It is also energy-saving, having been awarded by the BEE with 5 stars.

Since it is available in off-white, this ceiling fan can fit any interior. If you need other colors, there are other colors available for this model. Users will get a 2-year warranty off this product and free service to maintain the fan.



– It can come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing it to fit in any interior.

– It has a powerful motor to distribute air around the room with no problems.

– It is an energy-saving fan thanks to its motor.



– It can be quite noisy to use.

– The design can make it difficult to clean without help.


5. Orient Areta Decorative Ceiling Fan

Orient Areta Decorative Fan

If you are looking for the best ceiling fans in the market, Orient Areta Decorative must be in your list. This ceiling fan is incredibly cheap because it is just Rs. 3000. It is very beautiful to look at thanks to the colors it has and it will definitely fit any interior. Its matte black and pearl body is a favorite for many users who have this in their homes.  


he ceiling fan has a 320 rpm motor and uses 68 watts of power when in use. Many also love the fact it has a curvier and wider blade  since it helps with air distribution and circulation.



– It is available in a variety of colors and textures to fit any interior.

– It has a three-layer canopy kind of structure.

– It has a long 3-year warranty and service from Orient India.



– Its drop rod is a bit short.

– Its size only allows it to cover a room around 200 ft.

– It can be a bit costly to run for a long period of time.


6. Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300mm Ceiling Fans

Bajaj Cruzair Decor Fan

If you do not want to spend a lot of money but want a good performance from your ceiling fan, the Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300 mm ceiling fan should be in your list. Bajaj is one of India’s most trusted appliance brands and its ceiling fans are one of the best in the market.

The fans have a very strong and high-quality motor to deliver a 235 CMM airflow across the room. Sadly, it does use a lot of electricity since it needs 66 watts of power to work. The design of this fan fits any interior, entering our list of the best ceiling fans with a great sense of style. Some may say it looks like an antique piece because of its design.



– Its unique high-angle blades can help circulate air in the room and cool its temperature down.

– It can cover the entire room without any problems.

– It looks antique at first glance which will add a unique touch in your interiors.



– It uses a bit more power, which may be bad for those looking for savings.

– Some say it is very expensive for its features.


7. Superfan Super A1 Ceiling Fan

Superfan Super A1 Ceiling Fan

Your search for the best ceiling fans in the market may be finished if you get yourself this Superfan Super A1 Ceiling Fan. It is considered one of the best ceiling fans in the market if you are looking for those under Rs. 4000. It is very stylish thanks to its aerodynamic design and its motor is also very strong. It can run with just 35 watts of power and work without problems for 28 hours straight. This feature is excellent in ceiling fans, especially since summer season is notorious in India. The low power use also makes it one of the best ceiling fans in the market for those who want to save money on electricity.

This ceiling fan comes with a very long 5-year warranty. It also comes with a free service to maintain its performance. Superfan even has service centers across India to help users out no matter where they are in the country if their fans malfunction.



– It only consumes 35 watts worth of power.

– It has a long 5 year warranty.

– It has a great airflow capacity of 220 cmm

– Users get a remote to help control the fan’s operations and features.



– It can be a bit noisy, especially when you use it for a long period of time.

– The drop rod is quite short, which can affect airflow.


8. Havells ES-50 Five Star Ceiling Fan

Havells ES-50 Fan

Havells ES-50 Five Star is listed here because it is one of the best ceiling fans available in India under the price of 2000. It uses only 52-watts of power, allowing it to earn a 5-star rating from the BEE. Its motor can run to a maximum speed of 350 to cover an entire room.

Aside from these features, Havells will include a 2-year warranty on the product and a free service. This extra service definitely makes it one of the best ceiling fans in the market today.



– It is very good because of its high airflow movement and coverage.

– It is very cheap but still delivers a very good performance.

– It has a long 2-year warranty.



– The design may not look attractive to some buyers.

– It does not have a speed regulator which can make it difficult for users to control.


9. Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

Many users list down the Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan as one of the best ceiling fans in India under 1700 to date. This fan can help users save a lot of money on electric bills because it only uses 53-watts of power. It generates 218 CMM of airflow, allowing air to circulate throughout the room easily.

Users have a lot of color choices when they buy this fan which will fit any type of interior imaginable. It is also very pretty and modern to look at. Free maintenance is given to users who buy this fan which is good for two years and a 2-year product warranty.



– It operates smoothly and does not heat up when it is on for a long time.

– It is very silent to run regardless of how long it is open.

– It can help reduce your electric bills because it only needs 53 watts to run.



– The blades are pretty thin which may cause it to break easily.


10. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan

Completing our list of the best ceiling fans in India is this Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan. Many customers love this ceiling fan because of its performance and classy design. It runs with a motor running at 330 rpm and uses only 68 watts. Its blades are made from aluminum so it will not break easily and help with its performance.

This ceiling fan is also very cheap because it is just Rs. 2500, making it one of the best ceiling fans under 4000. You will also get a 2-year warranty with your fan and free service.



– It has a metallic finish to give it a classy touch and fit any interior.

– It uses a 68-watt motor that not only helps with its performance but also helps reduce electricity bills.



– It can be pricey depending on your budget.

– It can be a bit noisy to use, especially if it is on for a long period of time.


Final Thoughts

Getting a ceiling fan is very important if you want to give your home a cheaper way to circulate air and adjust room temperatures easily. However, if you do not do your research, you may end up buying the wrong type of ceiling fan that may just give you a headache. With our guide, you do not have to go through all the best ceiling fans in the market because we have them down in this list. Our guide will even make it easier for you to understand how these fans work so you can use your ceiling fans better.

We hope that you will be able to buy the best ceiling fan in India with our guide and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Remember, just because a ceiling fan looks cheap does it mean it is not something to try. Some of the best fans out there can be cheap and unassuming at first. Good luck and happy shopping!


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