Many people nowadays find it hard to find time to cook at home. While many would like a homemade meal every once in a while, the long preparation time often causes people to ignore their desire. Fortunately, there are now kitchen appliances that can help people prepare their meals faster than ever. The most popular of these appliances are microwave convection ovens. When you buy one of the best microwave convection oven in India, you will be able to prepare a lot of dishes.


Experts say that using a microwave to cook meals is a healthier choice than sticking to junk food. Microwave ovens do not use any oil and they can also reduce the price of your electric or gas bills since it cooks faster. It is also a safer alternative to cook meals since you only need to turn it on and the machine will do everything for you. After you finish cooking with the oven, it is very easy to clean. Some microwave convection ovens even come with a self-cleaning system that opens automatically after each use.


If you are considering buying one, it can be difficult to locate the best oven in India. There are a lot of microwave convection ovens in the market today and all claim they are the best convection microwave oven in India. To help you with your quest to find the best convection microwave in India, we compiled a list of the best convection microwave ovens in India. We looked for ovens which are cheap, has a huge capacity and has a lot of features. We also summarised the basic facts you need to know about convection microwave ovens in this buyer’s guide. So, what should you know first about convection microwave ovens?


What is a Convection Microwave Oven?

A convection microwave oven combines two appliances, namely a convection oven and a microwave oven.

A convection oven is like a normal oven, but its heating systems are inside the oven and the heat is circulated by fans. The hot hair would then help cook or bake food evenly and faster than traditional ovens.

A microwave, on the other hand, uses non-ionizing radiation to heat food. As the molecules inside the food collect the energy from the microwave, it will bounce and heat the food.

With a convection microwave oven, it combines the technologies from both these appliances and allows users to cook food evenly in a faster way. Thanks to this fact, users only need to buy this oven to get the functions offered by both appliances.

Now that you know the basic idea behind a convection microwave oven, how does it work?


Our Top 5 List of Convection Microwave Ovens

Product NamePowerCapacityPrice
Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven1200 Watt21LCheck Price
IFB 23BC4 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven1000 Watt23LCheck Price
Samsung Microwave Oven 23-Litre 800-Watt1150 Watt23LCheck Price
Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven2900 Watt28LCheck Price
Morphy Richards 20MBG 20-Litre Grill Microwave1270 Watt20LCheck Price


How does a Convection Microwave Oven Work?

Convection microwave ovens have various settings depending on what you wish to prepare with it. Usually, there are three major modes that can be used in these ovens: microwave, convection or mix.

Using the microwave mode, the appliance will reheat or defrost food. Nowadays, some convection microwave ovens activate the convection mode after the food is heated. This system makes the food more appealing when it is taken out of the appliance.

In convection mode, you can now cook food with the appliance: from browning to baking. Usually, this mode is faster when it is combined with the microwave mode. If it is just convection mode, food is cooked slowly but surely.

Finally, the mixed option combines both modes together to cook food. Food is evenly cooked and get the right surface touches on it. You can pretty much cook anything with a convection microwave oven: from steaming, grilling, roasting to crisping food. Some models even come with preset cooking modes for famous dishes.


Experts also say that convection microwave ovens release the flavors in food that you cannot get from a microwave or convection oven alone. As the food cooks from inside out, moisture remains within the food and gives it more flavor. Food also stays warm when you use a convection microwave oven since they have sensors that keep food warm. Looking at these features, it is clear that having a convection microwave oven presents a lot of benefits. However, with the number of convection microwave ovens in the market, what factors should you look for in one.


What to Look for in a Convection Microwave Oven?

The best convection microwave ovens in India must be able to match your needs. It must not lack in all aspects: from what it can cook to how well they work. Here are some of the things you need to check when checking for a convection microwave oven:



Convection microwave ovens vary on how they can be installed in your kitchen. For built-in models, there is a trim kit included in the system and they will require a qualified electrician to connect it to your home. It must also be given a lot of space because ovens require a lot of air to ensure they do not overheat. Built-in models are ideal for small kitchens since they are very small.


Larger convection microwave ovens are known as benchtop or freestanding models. These models cannot be placed on top or built in a cabinet. They must have enough space and must be placed in a flat surface. This ensures that the oven won’t vibrate upon use. It should also be placed far away from other appliances which generate a lot of heat. It is also not advisable to put heavy items on top of it because it may destroy the device. These models are also quite cumbersome and take a lot of space.


Cooking Capabilities

A convection microwave oven is known for being versatile on what it can cook. Sometimes, it is even more efficient than using a regular gas stove. Once you set up, the semi-automatic system it has will cook the meal for you and you do not have to watch over it to see if it is cooking. It would give you time to do something else while the meal is being cooked. Microwaves also come with a grill option, which will help you grill food without having to do it outdoors. Convection microwave ovens also come with a sensor that shuts down the oven when the dish is cooked.


Size and Oven Capacity

When you are looking for a microwave oven, you need to consider its size and capacity. Usually, microwave capacity is measured in liters and can give you an idea on how much you can cook in it. Also make sure the microwave comes with a set of microwave-safe cookware.

Of course, you need to consider how much food you will make with it. If you bought a large capacity oven but would only use it for small meals, it will not cook your meals completely. It will also use a lot of power. If you want to just reheat food with your oven, you can get a microwave with a capacity under 20 litres. If you will use it for a large group or family, you can pick the 20 litres to 30 litres microwave.

Aside from the capacity, you should look if your oven has enough space inside it to fit your food. Check for ovens with two shelves since it will help heat your meals easier. 



When you cook with a convection microwave oven, it is ideal that you can see it cooking. There are cases that some food items may not cook well because users did not set up the oven correctly. In other cases, the oven may be malfunctioning and seeing the food can give you hints if this is the case. When you search for a convection microwave oven, it must have strong lights in its interior and a window you can browse into when it is on.



Like most appliances today, it is important that convection microwave ovens are easy to operate. If the oven has a lot of options, it can confuse people who do not use these ovens regularly. Some ovens nowadays come with touch panels with easy instructions and a display which will give users an idea on how long the food will take.


Power/ Wattage

An appliance wattage can help you determine how much power is used when it is in used. However, with electricity prices now on a rise, new ovens now have intelligent heating systems to reduce the amount of power they need. Microwaves usually have a wattage from 600 to 1500 watts based on their capacity and system. If you are considering on experimenting on meals, you should check how much heat they need. Remember, if you get an oven with a high power wattage, it will mean a higher electric bill.


Cleaning Requirements

Regular ovens and microwaves are very tricky to clean. There will be cases where stray food would collect in gaps and holes and getting them can be very difficult. Regular care and maintenance can help your microwave oven last for a longer time. Convection microwave ovens often have unique interiors that prevent oil, grease and stray food from collecting in gaps. These interiors can have easy to clean coatings or catalytic liners to make it easy to clean. Users must double-check with the manual on how they can clean the oven properly and wait for it to cool down before attempting cleaning. 

Some models do come with a cleaning function that either activates after use or when the user needs it. A few may offer free cleaning services for clients who do not have time to clean their ovens.



Like other appliances, microwave ovens vary in price based on their size, type and brand. If you are going to buy a convection microwave oven, set a budget and do your research based on it. In our review, we checked out the products that can qualify as the best microwave convection oven under 10000 rupees.  While setting your budget, list down the features you want in a microwave oven. When picking a microwave oven, you should look for the features before you look on their designs. Usually, if you want a lot of features in a convection microwave oven, you need to spend a lot to get it. However, there are brands that offer affordable models that have a lot of features.


Currently, Samsung, IFB, Toshiba and LG are the best convection microwave oven brands in India. Toshiba and IFB offer long warranties for their ovens, while others only offer one year warranties. You must also check if companies offer after sales support if you buy their ovens. Some companies also offer extra add-ons or accessories for sale to help with your cooking experience.


Extra features

When you use an oven, it is important that it can cook meals perfectly and comes packed with various features you can’t find anywhere else. If you are looking for the best microwave convection oven, try checking out what other features it has. If you want to cook some of your favorite meals but do not know how to adjust your oven, you can look for ovens that have pre-programmed cooking options. If you see this feature, users simply press the button and let the oven do everything for you. You should also check for microwave ovens with a turntable or racks. The turntable will make sure that the dish is heated at all angles and cook the meals perfectly. Racks, meanwhile, will raise the food up and allow heat to be distributed around the food.

If you want an oven that is efficient and stylish, there are ovens available that matches your requirements. Check out the known brands like Samsung, LG and IFB because they have some good ones in their roster.

Other features like safety systems are also a must if you have children at home. Most ovens nowadays come with a child lock to prevent kids from opening the oven while it is in use. Some ovens with touch panels also have child locks for their controls. Other safety features in ovens include a covered cabin to ensure your hands won’t get burnt when you get your meals inside the oven.  

With these facts in mind, it is clear that it is an investment that you should make if you want an all-in-one product. If the oven you are looking at does not have these features, you should look somewhere else. But, before you can get lost into the various oven models that may have these features, we have done the research for you. Here below are our top 10 best convection microwave ovens in India list and why you should consider them.


Top 10 Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India

In India, it is a sign of luxury if you have a microwave oven. However, it is now becoming common for Indian households to have ovens because it is a good way to prepare food without having to worry about time. If you want to skip from eating only junk food or fast food, a microwave will definitely be a good plus to your kitchen.

With the number of ovens in the market today, we researched the best convection microwave ovens in India. We found the 10 best convection microwave ovens in India and listed why you should consider them.


1. IFB 23BC4 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 23BC4 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

If you are looking for the best microwave convection oven in India, you will never go wrong with this oven from IFB. IFB is one of India’s most trusted brands, especially for their consumer electronics. For this model, IFB went through all the stops to make it usable, elegant and affordable for consumers.

This microwave oven has a 23 liter capacity, which is good for Indian families. The wattage is also in the middle side, so you do not have to worry about it using a lot of electricity when used. The oven also has a food warmer feature, which will help your meals stay warm even after it is cooked. Defrosting is also possible with this oven. The weight defrost feature, in particular, will analyze the food you are defrosting. Then, it will use the food’s weight to determine how long it should be on defrost.

When it comes to the modes of this microwave oven, it has three: microwave, grill and convection. Users can also adjust its power levels up to 10 and its temperature up to 220-degree Celsius. This is perfect for all types of meals.

The oven also comes with a stainless steel cavity and can be operated through its LED display. It also has a 71 auto cook function and all the meals you cook with this oven are healthy since the grease will be eliminated by the steam it produces. Users will get a 1 year product warranty and 3-years parts warranty.

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2. LG 28-Litre 3100-Watt Convection Microwave Oven

LG 28-Litre 3100-Watt Convection Microwave OvenLG is a leader in customer electronics and they know exactly what consumers need for their appliances. With this convection microwave oven, it can handle 28 liters of food even in its sleek design. Given its capacity, it is good for medium to large groups or families to use. Foods cooked with this oven will be perfect thanks to its 3100 wattage use. The stainless steel used for this oven makes it easier for the food to heat up. You can even use its ‘diet fry’ feature if you are craving for Indian snacks like samosa, pakoda and others. Roti lovers will also fall in love with this oven because it comes with 12 Indian roti recipes in its pre-installed cooking settings.

It is also a very safe oven to use thanks to its quartz heater. This part ensures that users will not get hand injuries when they use the product. Users will also get a 1-year product warranty and a 5-year magnetron warranty when they purchase this oven.



3. Morphy Richards 23-Litre Convection Oven

Morphy Richards 23-Litre Convection OvenWant something modern and efficient? Morphy Richards’s convection oven is made from stainless steel which is stain and scratch resistant. The inside cavity is also made from stainless steel and round to prevent any food from collecting at the corners of the oven. It is also perfect for small families thanks to its 23-litre capacity.

When it is used, users can select from five different power levels depending on how well you want the food to be cooked or heated. The high-speed velocity fan inside the oven will ensure that the heat is distributed equally through the oven. There are also 5 auto cook options included in the oven. Once it is done, it will buzz to let you know that it is finished cooking or heating your food.

This oven also comes with a special safety system that would ensure that the microwave turns off when there is a problem during its operation. A child lock is also included to protect little kids and prevent them from opening the oven when it is on. Users will also get a 2-year warranty for their oven when they buy one.

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4. Samsung Microwave Oven 23-Litre 800-Watt

Samsung Microwave Oven 23-Litre 800-WattSamsung is well-known for its modern and efficient appliances. Their microwave oven is no exception to this fact despite its small 23-litre capacity. Users will definitely love this microwave oven because it is very easy-to-use thanks to its touch panel. It can cook meals up to 99 minutes and it also includes an auto cook feature. Each food you cook with this oven will be cooked perfectly thanks to its triple distribution system. The system will also make sure you do not use a lot of power to cook your meals with it.

Samsung has also taken a lot of care to make this a safe oven to use for the family. It comes with the company’s advance child lock feature to keep your kids safe when it is on. The inner cavity is also safe to clean manually. This oven is also very affordable because it is around Rs. 5000. A 1-year extendable warranty is included when you buy this oven.

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5. Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave OvenIf you need a larger convection oven, Samsung has this one to give you a new eating experience. This 28 litre oven is perfect for large families or groups and it is very spacious inside. Its stainless steel cavity will ensure that the food is heated in every side. It also makes the oven heat faster, reducing the energy it uses. However, it will still use 2,900 watts in total because of its large capacity.


The oven also comes with a special active convection system that enables the oven to heat food evenly. The heaters are concealed so you do not get burnt when you get your food inside this oven. Samsung will even throw in a recipe book which you can use with this oven. This oven is also very cheap and will not cost more than Rs. 15000. It also comes with a 1-year product warranty and a 3-year magnetron warranty.

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6. Morphy Richards 20MBG 20-Litre Grill Microwave

Morphy Richards 20MBG 20-LitreIf you want to multitask and cook two dishes in one operation, this microwave from Morphy Richards will surprise you. The oven only has a 20-litre capacity, but it uses less electricity at 800 watts. If users will use it for grill mode only, it will run at 1000 watts. For microwave mode, it will use 1270 watts. The oven comes with a multi-stage cooking feature which allows users to grill and cook at the same time. Users can also use its several modes to cook their meals with presets already loaded in the oven. The defrost feature is also one of the most efficient ones in the market because it can be activated easily. It is also very fast.

When you get this oven, you will get a starter pack that you can use immediately. It is also a good buy if you have a small budget for a new microwave oven.

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7. Bajaj 2504 ETC 25-Litre Grill Convection Microwave Oven

If you are looking for a good convection microwave oven under Rs. 10000, Bajaj 2504 ETC should be in your list. Bajaj is a new company in India, but its products are becoming a favorite to many Indians looking for efficient and affordable products. For this specific model, it can cook up to 25-litres of food which is perfect for a small family. You can control the power used by this oven through its electronic controls. There is even a timer you can set up for certain meals, steam clean to keep the inside clean and a keep warm feature in case you did not hear it ping.

When you purchase this oven, the company will install the oven for you and even demonstrate how it works. Installation and demo fee is included in the price.

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8. Kenstar 25L Convection Microwave Oven

Kenstar 25L Convection Microwave OvenKenstar is a favorite for many Indians who would like affordable and reliable appliances. Their newest offer, this 20-litre oven, is good for small families and will help you cook most Indian and foreign favorites in a short time. You can even use its digital job wheel to adjust the settings to the meals you are preparing. It also comes with an express cooking option for fast but delicious cooking.

When you are done, you can use the Lemon clean feature to clean it with lime and water. You also won’t need to worry about bacteria from growing in your microwave thanks to its antibacterial cavity. Safety is also taken into consideration with this oven thanks to its child lock and overheating sensor. If you need to get it replaced or repaired, it comes with a 3-year magnetron warranty.

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9. Electrolux C23J101-BB-CG Microwave Oven

Electrolux C23J101-BB-CG Microwave OvenIf you want a microwave convection oven under Rs. 10000 and great for small families, Electrolux’s C23J101-BB-GC oven is perfect. This oven comes with a 23-liter capacity and can cook, bake, defrost and grill without problems. It also runs at 1350 watts, powering the unique smart ware technology that allows it to cook food perfectly. You can even cook tandoori with this oven because it comes with a feature called a “tandoori heater.” If you do not want tandoori, you can select from the 501 pre-programmed auto-cook menus included in the oven.

Once you are done, the product has a 360-degree clean system that ensures no stains will remain in the oven. It is also very pretty for its price and you will get a 3-year warranty with it. Electrolux even offers easy payment options for those who want to get this oven but do not have the funds for it. When the item is delivered, they will demo the product so users know how to use it.

*Currently not available.

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10. IFB 20L Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 20L Convection Microwave OvenFinally, wrapping down the list of the best convection microwave ovens in India is this IFB oven.

This IFB convection microwave oven is very affordable as it is under Rs. 10000. Users will love the fact that this microwave oven can help cook foreign and Indian recipes. It has a 20 liter capacity, which is good for individual or small family use. Aside from heating meals, it can also bake, cook and grill food.

When you use this oven, it only uses 230 volts even if you are using it for long cooking. You can even combine modes thanks to its combi tech features. If not, you can use its various modes depending on what you need. If you need to defrost fast, you can pick the speed defrost feature. Express cooking, deodorizing and reheating is also included in the oven controls.

This oven is also practical for families with small kids. The oven comes with a child lock system to ensure they do not open the oven by accident. It is also very beautiful and does not take a lot of space. A product warranty is also included in this oven when you buy.

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If you are looking for the best convection microwave ovens in India, these ten will definitely not disappoint. There are thousands that can fit this list, but these ones may be the ones you are looking for. Of course, these models may have some flaws here and there, but it is up to you how you will use these ovens when you purchase them. Let us know how these ovens fared and feel free to comment or mail us up if you have any questions! Good luck!



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