Preparing Indian cuisine takes a lot of time and nowadays, that time is very limited. Many people, including women, spend a lot of time outdoors to find ways to earn money and sort out their livelihood. With this in mind, food like rotis are no longer being made at households even if they are an all-time favorite.

Fortunately, there are best chapati makers in the market that can help individuals cook Indian food quickly. If they are fans of roti, a roti maker reduces preparation time and ensures that the roti is cooked perfectly. However, there are people who say roti makers are not perfect. There are also those who believe that a roti maker only works if one is familiar with making roti.

Before you go buy one, what exactly do you need to know about these roti makers? Down below is our guide in understanding what roti makers are and which ones are the best roti makers in India.


How does a Roti Maker Work

A roti maker is simply an appliance that helps users create rotis quickly. It uses both pressure and heat to create rotis. Users simply have to put a dry flour patty in the roti maker and apply pressure on the cover, which will then expand the patty. It will then create a full circle roti and the maker will cook it evenly.

Roti makers often have non-stick surfaces to ensure that the roti patty will stick properly as it cooks. The best roti maker often has a nonstick coating used in kadhai and utensils from the US. They also vary when it comes to features, which may influence how buyers pick the roti maker for their needs.


How to Use a Roti Maker

Want to know how easy it is to make roti with a roti maker? Here are the common steps on how you can make a roti with a roti maker:

  • Open the roti maker and connect the plug to the nearest power source. Wait until the indicator lights go off before you sort out the roti patty in the machine. The temperature of the machine, once the indicator lights turn off, will be regulated by the thermostat.
  • Prepare a 1.5-inch dough ball and flatten it slightly off the center on the bottom plate. If you want to make the dough fluffier, you can add a bit of oil on the dough.
  • Close the machine and press down the lever or the handle. Then immediately open the upper plate again. At this stage, the dough is now on the right shape of a roti. Let it sit for 25 seconds.
  • Flip the roti over and wait 25 seconds for the air bubbles to form.
  • As the air bubbles grow, turn the roti over and gently put down the upper plate of the roti maker. In a few seconds, it will puff up from both sides and it will be ready to eat.
  • Once the machine is done, it can be cleaned by wiping the non-stick surface with a cloth. Use a damp cloth if there are stains, remaining residue or oil marks.


Types of Roti Makers

Much like other appliances, roti makers also have different types to fit different environments. In this case, roti makers have two types: electric and automatic.

Electric Roti Maker

An electric roti maker is the most common type of roti maker sold in the market. The presser is comprised of two hot plates which can be heated by electricity. It can be pressed together to cook rotis evenly.

Electric roti makers do not just cook rotis. Some models can make flatbreads like parathas or khakras.


Automatic Roti Maker

This type of roti maker cooks roti and other flatbreads without any human assistance. Users simply have to place all the ingredients, select the right item you want to cook and let the machine do everything. The maker will then notify the user by buzzing.

This is also the right roti maker for those who wish to make more than one. These roti makers come with large capacity, which makes it possible.


What are the advantages of a roti maker

A roti maker is not just capable of making rotis. It can actually help you cook other favorites like pancakes, paper dosa and other similar dishes. If you are considering buying a roti maker, here are some of the advantages of owning one.

Lets you do other things

Roti makers give you full control of what you can do in the kitchen. Users just have to put the dough in the machine, set it on and let the maker do its magic. As it works on the roti, users can do whatever they need to do next to finish their meals.


Having a roti maker at home assures users that the roti they make is of high quality. Users have full control of what ingredients can be used for the roti and adjust everything to their standard. No more purchasing rotis made from the streets or fast-food chains.


If one has the best roti maker in the market at home, they do not have to worry about the roti cooking. Simply press one button and the roti will be cooked perfectly.


The best roti maker as the capacity to cook rotis without making a mess thanks to its non-stick surface. Some of the best roti makers in India don’t even use oil to cook roti.


Why do you need a roti maker at home

Roti is a staple for many Indian households and many mothers have perfected their recipes for this wonderful treat for years. However, it can be quite hard to make roti from scratch since the dough will have to be kneaded by hand. It takes hours to get the right firmness and it can lead to painful joints. There is also the fact rotis must be cooked in the right temperature and flipped quickly to get the air bubbles to form correctly. 

With a roti maker, anyone can make rotis just like how their mothers make it. It will also reduce the need to overwork our mother’s joints just to get the right roti dough done. Users can even make their own version of roti with healthier ingredients. A roti maker can also reduce the time it takes to cook a perfect roti without having to double guess if it is cooked correctly.

Roti makers also help families prepare more rotis than before. In the old method, rotis can only be cooked one by one and it is time-consuming. With a roti maker, it will take only seconds to cook roti and other flatbreads. If you get an automatic roti maker, you can make a lot more without having to knead the flour and manually putting it in the roti maker.


How can you make delicious rotis using your roti maker

If one wishes to make excellent rotis, it is crucial that they know how a roti maker work. If not, roti makers can not be used to its maximum potential. It will be just a simple roti maker. 

Before getting a roti maker, know the do’s and don’ts of using one and what to do if the roti maker you purchased is faulty. You should also know the tricks to get your roti maker to make delicious rotis and other similar meals. 

Here are some tips to make delicious rotis with your roti maker once you have one to get you started: 

Cheap does not always mean its good

There are a lot of roti makers in the market that are packed with features. However, they can be a bit expensive and usually branded.

When purchasing a roti maker, it is always ideal if you purchased a branded one rather than a cheap one. Branded and expensive roti makers guarantee that the roti is cooked evenly and they taste good. Unbranded ones do not cook the roti dough well and sometimes, it may taste odd. If you want to save up while buying a roti maker, there are roti maker brands which have cheaper models.

Roti dough must be softer and sticker

If you are making roti dough at home with a roti maker, the flour you should use should not be the same used for regular rotis. Your dough must be softer and sticky than normal dough and it must be freshly made every time you use your roti maker. The dough must be prepared at least an hour before it is placed in your roti dough for better results.

Always use fresh dough

To make the best roti, the dough must always be prepared fresh. Once you mix up the dough, let it rest for an hour before putting it in the roti maker. If you want something light, prepare the dough 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. Anything longer, it will make the roti harder to eat.

How to make atta balls right

If you want to make the roti soft and fresh, use a dash of oil. The oil will ensure that the roti dough will not stick on the surface of the roti maker. It will also help the roti cook more evenly. We use a food processor to make kneading atta easy.

Eat your rotis immediately after cooking!

If you want to eat rotis while they are still fluffy, it is best to eat them as soon as they are cooked. Dough used for roti makers are also different so they harden faster.


How to Choose the Best Roti Maker in India

When buying the best roti maker for your kitchen, it has to have the following features.

On/off lights

The best roti maker money can buy must have an indicator light which will tell users if it is cooking or not. There are times that even branded makers do not have an indicator light. Always pick one with this feature to prevent accidents from happening in your home. It will also ensure you that your roti is cooked perfectly and not under/overcooked.

Griddle Material and Size

When looking for the best roti maker, you should check the griddle and see what it is made from. Griddles for roti makers must be made from aluminum and must have a non-stick coating. The coating will ensure that the roti can be removed easily after cooking. The griddle must also be around 8″-10″ big.

Power Usage

Since electricity is now very expensive, the roti maker you will purchase must have a low power use. Your roti maker must also reach temperatures as high as 425 degrees to get the roti cooked just right. If you purchase a 10″ griddle, the power it uses should be around 250 watts. Of course, there are roti makers that conform to any household preference so you need to also consider if it will work for your home.


When you purchase a roti maker, it must have a thermostat which tells you if the machine is in the right temperature or not. Sometimes, even branded roti makers do not have this feature. Before you purchase your roti maker, check if they have this feature.

Shockproof body with a non-heating handle

Electricity can fluctuate at any time and when this happens, it will damage the appliance. The best roti maker must have a shockproof body to protect its machinery from sudden power fluctuations and outages. The handle must also be able to withstand high temperatures and must not be hot to handle.


If you want the best roti maker for your home, it must have a warranty coverage. In case something happens to your machine, you can easily use the warranty to get it replaced or fixed. The best roti makers in India often include a one-year warranty or longer depending on the model selected.

When you first use your roti maker, you will need to study how to get the right roti you want. Do not immediately think the roti is under or overcooked and send it back to the shop. Remember, a roti maker will only work well if the owner is able to understand how it works and know how to adjust it. Do not be afraid to do a test run of the machine first to find out what settings work for you. When you have the right method on how to use the machine down, you will be able to cook the right roti each time you use it.

If the roti maker does not respond to the settings you use, its time to send it to the maker for replacement or repair.


Finally, when picking the best roti maker in the market, one must consider the price. Branded roti makers may often have expensive price tags but they do have models which have discounted prices. If you purchased online, you may be able to find one that fits your budget. When you do get one, check for the return policy just in case the machine does not work.


Where to buy a roti maker

If you have decided in getting a roti maker, it’s time for you to figure out where to buy one. Some people say it is better to buy in the store because it will be easier to examine the product up close and personal. There are also those who say that buying online may lead to one getting a faulty roti maker.

However, online stores have improved dramatically over the years. Known appliance stores worldwide even have online stores where their clients can buy products. Some shops even allow users to compare products to help them decide which products to pick.

Discounts and deals are also popular with online shops, which can be a bargain if you want to buy a lot of products. Once a product is selected, the product will be delivered within a few days.

Ready to get a roti maker? Here’s our list of the top 10 best roti makers in India and why you should get them.


Top 10 Best Roti Makers in India 2020

1. Molo Roti Maker

Molo Roti Maker

Starting our list of the best roti makers in India is Molo Roti Maker. Molo is one of the best roti maker brands in India and their roti makers often come with a variety of features.

This roti maker do not just make rotis, it can also make khakhras and other similar recipes. It has a heavy shockproof handle and a dual heating system that can be controlled by the user. Since it uses 900-watts, this roti maker can cook rotis in minutes. Users also do not have to use oil to cook with this roti maker.

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2. Jaipan JDRM 901 Jumbo Roti Maker

Jaipan JDRM 901 Jumbo Roti MakerLooking for the best roti maker that can make rotis, paper dosa, pancakes and others? The Jaipan JDRM 901 Jumbo Roti Maker will blow your mind away.

This roti maker has a black shockproof body which will protect the roti maker during shock fluctuations. It also has a stainless steel body for easy cleaning, a Greblon Gamma surface to ensure the roti does not stick on the surface and uses 230 to 240 volts. Users will get a 1-year warranty for their roti maker.

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3. Athena Libra Roti Maker

Athena Libra Roti MakerThe Athena Libra Roti Maker is another contender for the best roti maker in India list. Although it is from a start-up company, this specific roti maker is known for making the softest and fluffiest rotis in the market.

The roti maker comes with a nonstick surface to help the roti cook evenly and not stick on the surface. A light indicator tells users if the roti is ready for eating. This is also very energy efficient and very affordable.

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4. Bajaj VACCO Go Ezzee Chapati Roti Maker

Bajaj VACCO Go Ezzee Chapati Roti MakerOne of the best roti maker brands in India is Bajaj Vacco and it is seen in its range of excellent roti makers. It is also one of the oldest brands in the country, serving Indians with quality appliances for 60 years.

For this model, the Bajaj Vacco Go Ezzee Chapati Roti Maker is an electric roti maker that is packed with features. It can actually prepare other doughs like Khakhra, papad and others. Rotis can be removed easily from the machine thanks to its Teflon-coated surface. The maker is also shockproof and can work in high temperatures. Unlike other roti makers, users can control the temperature of the roti maker. An LED indicator is also in the maker to help users see if the temperature is in the right setting. It is also one of the best roti makers in India which is under 2000.

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5. Starvin Eagle Quality Roti with Dough Atta Maker S-Gold 350

If you are looking for the best roti makers in India, this roti maker from Starvin will definitely be in the list. This roti maker has a shockproof body and a non-stick surface, which makes it easier to make atta dough safely. The machine also ensures that the roti is perfectly circular and soft to eat. The company will even include a demo CD with the machine to help you maximize the machine’s features.

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6. Eveready RM1001 900-watt Roti Maker

When it comes to the best roti makers in India, Eveready is a name that is trusted. This specific roti maker is a favorite by many Indians for its features. It has a lightweight stainless and shockproof body which works in power outlets running on 900-watts or 230 volts. Inside the maker is a nonstick coated plate to ensure the roti dough does not stick. Users just have to turn the machine on, put the ingredients and press the lid down with the help of the easy press handle. There’s an indicator light in the maker to indicate if the roti is ready.

Every roti maker comes with an instruction manual and a 2-year warranty. The company even promises that its customer care team is ready to answer to any problems with the product.

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7. Sunflame RM1 900 watt Roti Maker

Sunflame RM1 900 watt Roti MakerSunflame also produces one of the best roti maker products in the market. This specific model, the RM1 900-watt model, is one of the most popular roti makers they offer.

This Sunflame roti maker does not use oil to cook soft rotis. It has a stainless steel surface that can cook the rotis perfectly and a LED indicator will tell users if it is finished. It is easy to handle the machine thanks to its non-heat handle. Users will get a demo CD to help them use the product, as well as a 1 year-warranty. Sunflame also boasts some of the best customer care service in the market, which is perfect if something went wrong with the roti maker.

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8. Baltra BTR-201 900-watt Magicook Roti Maker

Baltra BTR-201 900-watt Magicook Roti MakerWant a roti maker made by a company you can trust and make roti perfect? Baltra is an icon in India for making the best roti makers in the country. It is also lauded by experts and users alike as the best roti maker with wa double heating system and an automatic indicator.

The roti maker also comes with a thermostat control and durable stainless steel body. It uses 900 watts of power, which helps it cook rotis in a short span of time. Baltra will include a demo CD to help users maximize their roti maker’s features. It also comes with a 1-year warranty to protect the product in case of damage.

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9. Prestige Roti Maker PRM 3.0

Prestige Roti Maker PRM 3.0If you are looking for the best roti maker in the list, you can look into this Prestige roti maker. This model can be noted as the best roti maker in the list when it comes to fast roti cooking. It uses 900-watts of power, which helps with fast cooking and helps save electricity.

The roti maker will come with a demo CD which tells users how to use the product, as well as what recipes can be done. Users will also get a one-year warranty for the machine.

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10. Eagle Roti Maker

Eagle Roti MakerCapping our list of the best roti makers in India is the Eagle Roti Maker. It is one of the best chapathi makers in the market because of its efficiency.

It is packed with several features such as a dual heating feature to ensure that the roti is cooked perfectly. It has a heavy shockproof body and handle to ensure that it is protected from power fluctuation. It also has neon lights to act as an indicator if the roti is ready. The company says it can cook rotis within a minute and it can easily be removed thanks to its nonstick surface. Some even say it one of the best roti makers with a cheap price tag.


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Final Words

Picking the best roti maker in the market is pretty tricky if you do not know where to start. Hopefully, the list above will help you decide which one to get and why you should get one. It would be easier to buy online because it will help you choose better. Happy Shopping!


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