Those of you who, like me, have not switched to induction or glass-ceramic gas stove, have many advantages in terms of flame heat control, economy, as well as the ability to use almost any type of pot or pan for cooking. However, cleaning burners, pans, and other metal parts is a real chore. Today, I’m going to tell you how to clean your kitchen effortlessly, with a trick that I’m sure you’ll use from now on.

No scrubbing, no ammonia smell, and no effort. Thanks to the technique I will teach you, in a few minutes you will have your stove and burners as good as new. So much so that I had forgotten the true color of mine, dark grey, and though they were already black until I was taught this very efficient system. If your kitchen has a gas stove, you will remember this trick that will save you time and effort in the kitchen.

The grease from the kitchen is normally transferred to the burners and the metal supports on which they rest. Often we even transfer the fat from the bottom of our pans and saucepans to the stove, which also burns it when heated in use and fixes the burnt fat on its surface, giving it a black color that becomes uniform.

In this case, even if we scrub them with a green pad and add a splash of our usual dishwashing detergent, we will think they are clean, but we will not be able to restore their usual appearance or color. But with the trick we’re about to see, we can keep them clean without effort, almost without getting our hands dirty!

To clean the stove effortlessly, you need:

  1. Ammonia
  2. Hermetic freezer bags
  3. A scouring sponge, which we will only use for this purpose


How to clean your stove and burners effortlessly

Store each torch in an airtight plastic bag with a zipper or similar closure, large enough to hold the part to be cleaned without opening it. Put 50 ml of the cheapest ammonia in the bag. It does not need to be perfumed.

Hermetically seal the bag and shake it a little so that the pure ammonia impregnates the whole surface it has to act on. Leave the bag with its contents on the shelf of a window, a terrace, or in a place where it is not in the way. It must work for a few hours, so I do it when I go to bed and leave it overnight.

Repeat the process with the remaining pieces, leave them in different bags, and seal them very well to prevent the ammonia vapors from escaping. The action of this substance and its vapors will release the grease without you having to work on it. It is only a matter of time and that it is closed properly.

The next day, open the bag, throw away the liquid that has turned a dark color and rinse the burner under the tap. Then wipe it off – with a little detergent if you like to remove the smell – and surprisingly, the burners are as good as new without any effort.

I’m sure this cooking trick of cleaning the stove effortlessly will prove useful if you have a gas stove like me. Even if you have a glass-ceramic or induction stove, the trick will definitely be useful to get rid of grease from all the other utensils that need it. Of course, I am very pleased to compare the color of my burners before using this trick with the color you have now. And I thought they were clean.

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