Clean water is very hard to come by nowadays considering the state of most water sources worldwide. For areas where clean water is a problem, getting the best water purifier installed in homes is essential. 


But, did you know that while they do clean water, RO water purifiers actually waste a lot of water when they are in use? 


Research shows that for every 1 liter purified by RO water purifiers, at least 3 liters are wasted depending on the water source’s TDS levels. 


RO water purifiers come with an extra outlet where the wastewater is released. These wastewaters have high organic and inorganic salts which can no longer be recycled. Since this wastewater can’t be recycled anymore, are there ways it can still be used? 

Fortunately, there are ways to still use the wastewater from your RO water purifier.


Down below are six great ways to do so:

1. Water your houseplants:

watering home plantsIf the wastewater has low TDS levels, it can be safe to use to water your houseplants. However, it is important to test the TDS levels first before doing so because TDS levels higher than 2000 have high sodium content which can affect the soil’s fertility if it is exposed to it. 

2. Clean your car:

washing a carWashing a car uses a lot of water, especially if you are

cleaning a large car. If the waste water produced by your RO water purifier has a TDS around 1500 to 2000, you can use it to clean your car without problems. However, since waste water has a lot of sodium content, you need to rinse your car with clean water to get rid of any salt deposits that may be left behind by the waste water you used to clean the car. 

3. Mop the floor:

moppping a floorIf your floors need some mopping, you can mix the wastewater you will get from the RO Water Purifier with normal and clean water. You can do this practice every other day and use normal water to mop the floors in between. This will reduce the salt deposits that may stay in your floors when you are cleaning them. 

4. Clean your kitchen utensils:

cleaning kitchen utensilsWant to clean your kitchen utensils without wasting clean water? Just collect the waste water directly from the water purifier and clean your utensils with you. Make sure to dry them properly with a clean cloth to prevent salt concentrations from forming in these utensils. 

5. Use it to clean your toilets:

You can also use the waste water to clean your toilets and flush them as well. However, you will need to ask someone to help you get the waste water from your purifier to all your bathrooms. But once this is done, you will definitely save a lot of money in the process. If there will be any discoloration on the floor or on your toilets, it may be caused by the waste water you are using. To clean this up, you can use your favorite toilet cleaner. 

6. Pre-rinse your clothes:

a washing machineFinally, you can also use the waste water to pre-rinse your dirty clothes before you put your washing machine on the rinse cycle. You need to make sure that you get the waste water transferred to your washing machine to do this option. 



Nowadays, it is important to save water because of the reducing supply of clean water everywhere. If it is possible, water must be reused for other things so it won’t be wasted haphazardly. If you have RO water purifiers at home, check the TDS levels of the waste water it produces to see if you can reuse it for any of the six ways we listed above. If it is too high, or higher than 2,000, throw the water away, but if it is in acceptable levels, reuse it. 

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